Superior Co., Ltd. has become a company that consists of groups of the best luxury brands in Korea for 46 years with its philosophy “I create chic.” It continues the craftsmanship of its founder and chairman, Gui-yeol Kim.
In the 1970s, believing that golf would be the sports leading the 21st century, he created Superior, a luxury golf wear brand that could be afforded by only the upper class at that time. On this ground, it has become a fashion distribution enterprise, focusing on the manufacture and distribution of golf wear, casual wear, sportswear, men’s clothing, and women’s clothing, and has earned a reputation for 46 years, with a remarkably rapid growth as a total brand business. Based on multiple leading brands and people of outstanding skills and talents, Superior Co., Ltd. has grown into a fashion distribution enterprise, ranking 1st in profitability, growth potential, brand power, and consumer preference.

 Making “POWER BRAND” through Sports Marketing

Superior is a first-generation Korean golf wear brand that chose to use a marketing tool in the field of “golf” early on and engaged in the sponsorship marketing of professional golfers.
By supporting an unknown rookie “Kyung-joo Choi” on becoming a PGA star golfer, it raised its brand status and has then truly grown as the power brand in the golf wear market.
Moreover, it is bearing good fruits by nurturing talents and giving unstinting support to some currently active professional golfers based on strong trust.

 Goal of Fashion and Culture Innovator

Superior Co., Ltd. is making an advancement as an innovator in the fast changes of the 21st century, where fashion and culture coexist. It represents the best luxury brand and customer satisfaction service based on its total brand business in the fashion market. Moreover, it opened “Superior Gallery,” informing the public about the genre “art” through cultural communications. It also opened the first World Golf History Museum in Korea and created a space where people can enjoy sports and culture both at the same time. By doing this, it fully performs its role of being a communicator for smooth communication with the public.

 Corporation with a Warm Heart through Sharing Management ?????and Contribution to Society

It puts its best efforts in creating a beautiful society by guaranteeing and recommending its executives and staff members to participate in outreach programs. They help those in need by periodically visiting senior welfare centers, nursing homes, and orphanages. Through environment-friendly management activities, such as complying with the environmental protection law and conserving electricity, it contributes to the maintenance of the ecosystem.

Superior shares love and hope with its neighbors and the society.
Superior actualizes a sharing management based on a customer-centered management philosophy.