Superior Co., Ltd. aims to ensure a transparent and clean
corporate culture by stating basic ethical virtues to follow.

Respect Customers Respect customers and impart exemplary values to earn their love and trust.
Compliance with the Law Comply with the management philosophy, laws, rules, and regulations applicable for social activities and business standards.
Transparent Business Do not commit illegal acts or seek for personal gain from the subcontractors . Do fair and transparent business at all times.
Corruption Prevention Do not ask for or accept money, gifts, treats, rewards, and bribes from the subcontractors.
Keep Your Private Life Separate from Your Public Life Do not acquire assets, products, or capital, or use them for your personal benefit.
Confidentiality Do not disclose any information or confidential matters about customers, subcontractors, or those who gain from business.
Mutual Respect Maintain respect between subcontractors and employees, as well as an upright and transparent life.
Sound Life Do not engage in an immoral private life or commit sexual harassment. Live a sound life.
Equal Opportunity Provide opportunities for growth without discriminating on sex and place of birth, and take responsibility for the business results.
Accident Prevention Protect the environment and put all possible efforts to ensure customer safety and accident prevention.