It strives to realize an environment where people work pleasantly by providing various fringe benefits.

Congratulatory and condolence program
Provides mutual aid and monetary gift to the employee and his/her family
Wedding anniversaries and birthdays
Provides an overnight domestic trip package inclusive of pocket money for married couples to celebrate their wedding anniversary and gives a monetary gift to unmarried people on their birthday
Physical examination
Supports the physical examinations of executives and the staff on a regular basis for a healthy and energetic work life
Support for continuous education
Provides for the educational expenses for learning a language
(English/Chinese/Japanese) and education in fashion organizations
on a rotation system
Support for educational expenses
Provides support for educational expenses on a regular basis for the children of executives and the staff
4 insurances
Provides medical support and treatment to executives and the staff in case of injuries and industrial accidents
Short-term loan for executives and the staff
Provides a short-term loan without interest to executives and the staff